Obama faces challenges as economy shrinks …

After reading this article I had a comment, it comes at the end…

By Annys Shin and Neil Irwin Washington Post

The prospects for an economic recovery by year’s end dimmed yesterday, as government data showed that the economy contracted at the end of 2008 by the fastest pace in a quarter-century. The worse-than-expected data fueled doubts about whether the Obama administration had adequately sized up the challenges it faces in trying to pull the country out of recession.

The comment I wanted to make was about the statement, “fueled doubts about whether the Obama administration had adequately sized up the challenges!”

Do you know how good it makes me feel that we at least now have an administration that actually sizes up challenges! instead of lies and distorts issues! Thank God we have leadership! Seriously anyone out there within hearing distance, what has the other side said to date! I mean besides NO, and whining…awaiting your comments…


President Obama announced Friday withdrawl of most combat troops from Iraq

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. – President Obama announced Friday that he would withdraw most U.S. combat troops from Iraq by the end of next summer, fulfilling a central campaign promise and setting an end date to a six-year war that has claimed the lives of 4,251 American troops.

Obama, speaking before thousands of camouflage-clad Marines, declared that he would “remove our combat brigades over the next 18 months.”

“[L]et me say this as plainly as I can: by August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end,” the president said, winning applause from an audience filled with veterans of the conflict.

“The drawdown of our military should send a clear signal that Iraq’s future is now its own responsibility,” he said.

Obama’s move to conclude the deeply polarizing war in some ways brings him full circle, just over a month into his presidency. It was his initial opposition to the conflict and vow to end it that did so much to lift the young Democrat into contention two years ago.

You go Mr. President! I say again! finally a man in the Whitehouse that does the right thing, has a plan and tells us about his plan… There are many out there that dont like him don’t know why and I dont care. Good luck Mr. President keep going…

Plumber is king for a day at Republican Shindig

From Politico

The Conservative Political Action Conference may not have A-list Govs. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) or Bobby Jindal (R-La.) this year, but it has Samuel Wurzelbacher.

Wurzelbacher, better known as “Joe the Plumber,” is getting the rock-star treatment at CPAC, mobbed by attendees seeking autographs, handshakes and photos.

“Oh my god, there he is,” one flustered young woman shouted, holding her hand over her mouth upon spotting the McCain campaign icon.

“I love this guy,” a middle-aged man said as he put his arm around Wurzelbacher to pose for a picture.

CPAC, a blend of movement and politics, plays host to heavyweight Republican pols, conservative policy wonks, fringe groups and numerous other organizations and interests. It’s hard to tell where Wurzelbacher fits into this mix, but he undoubtedly does.

Wurzelbacher has no formal role at the conference other than as a headliner at a Thursday panel titled “conservatism 2.0” held by the conservative blogging outfit Pajamas TV. Unlike other marquee CPAC speakers, after giving his presentation, Wurzelbacher hasn’t disappeared. Rather, he is ducking in and out of panel discussions and speeches.

I wonder where the Republican leader Rush Limbaugh is?

Congressional Budget Increased To Pay GOP Staffers


More than 2,000 employers laid off more than 50 workers each in January, the Labor Department reported Wednesday.

One workplace, however, wasn’t on the list: the U.S. Congress.

A ten percent increase in the budget for Congressional operations was needed because Senate Republicans wanted to retain previous staff levels despite having lost roughly 20 percent of their ranks in the 2008 elections.

Congressional Republicans have been pouncing on any instance of wasteful spending they can find, but the congressional-operations line item will likely remain safe from their ire why, because as usual what is good for the country is not good enough for them!

“This would be funny if it wasn’t from someone associated with the the so-called party of fiscal responsibility,” wrote the aide. “This is the height of hypocrisy and utterly fails to acknowledge the fact that in the past, when the spread has been like it is now, the minority party gets far less money than what they eventually got. It was an unprecedented deal that is more outrageous when you realize that they will end up voting against the bill.”

Ah the utter lack of caring, responsibility, leadership still permiates the Republican party and will always will for that matter. Um Um UM

Obama talks helos with McCain…

By & Politico

WOW what an extraordinary event! President Obama taking questions for 45 minutes from ALL Senators lawmakers… Wow this NEVER happened in the last administration.

President Barack Obama opened Monday’s economic summit by taking aim at the “casual dishonesty” of Bush administration budgets Monday, saying he’ll abandon accounting “tricks” used to hide the ballooning deficit and pledging to cut a $1.3 trillion federal shortfall in half during his first term.

By the summit’s close, Obama was trying for a more bipartisan approach, presiding over an extraordinary session where he took questions and comments directly from lawmakers. He started the proceedings by calling on his presidential rival Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who questioned why the new presidential helicopters cost as much as Air Force One.

“I don’t think there is any more graphic demonstration of how good ideas have cost taxpayers enormous amounts of money,” McCain told Obama.

Obama quickly agreed, saying he’d ordered a review of the program, whose cost has soared form $6.1 billion to $11.2 billion. “The helicopter I have now seems perfectly adequate to me,” the president said to laughter. “Of course, I’ve never had a helicopter before. Maybe I’ve been deprived and I didn’t know it.”

Again I don’t care what your politics are! its just nice to have adults in the WHite House now. People making decisions for the people, wow what a concept!

Brushfires Of Freedom Spreading….

There are BRUSHFIRES OF FREEDOM spreading throughout our great country as we come back from the pit of darkness, and the edge of destruction our country has been in, in the last eight years! Brushfires of Freedom include taking back the Constitution of the U.S., going after those that are responsible for 9/11, trying to bring our country out of the financial mess we have been saddled with for the last eight years, trying to bring our country our of the housing mess and inaction of the last administration, the Dubai Port Deal, WMD,  and much, much more.

People are no longer afraid to speak out against Bush, Chaney, the Patriot Act, Rove, Rice, Rumsfeld and on, and on. Being called unpatriotic simply because you were against Bush and his cronies. BRUSHFIRES of FREEDOM are spreading in our country and will change the face of America for the BETTER. Maybe we can even change the ALERT LEVEL from ORANGE back to GREEN lol. This was never contemplated by the Bush administration because it kept us scared…

There are Americans that are trying to keep the hurtful, despicable and vindictive policies of the last administration going, hoping to keep American, Americans, us divided. They follow their leader Rush Limbaugh and say things like I hope he fails! Can you imagine if anyone would have said that out loud with Bush in charge! they would be in jail. There are Americans right now that want America to FAIL so that they can come back and claim a hallow victory, even if it means the further destruction of our Great Country, they will do absolutely anything they can to achieve their victory.

I truly hope all Americans can see past their lies and deceit. We need to come together as a nation!

Obama vows to cut huge deficit in half…

By Mike Allen:

President Obama will announce Monday that he plans to cut the nation’s projected annual deficit in half by the end of his first term, a senior administration official said Saturday.

The plan will make explicit what Obama officials have been suggesting for months: Contrary to his campaign promise, Obama will allow the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans expire as scheduled at the end of 2010 instead of seeking their repeal sooner. Officials determined that seeking to raise the taxes earlier during a recession was a bad idea, advisers said.

Obama, who will speak Monday to a Fiscal Responsibility Summit at the White House, also will outline steps he is taking to eliminate what his staff calls “accounting gimmicks” used by previous administrations.

“This budget actually is going to assume that there will be a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood or manmade disaster in the United States in fiscal year 2010, and each year going forward 10 years,” the official said. “The Bush budget never assumed that.”

Under White House projections, this year’s inherited budget deficit of $1.3 trillion will be cut to $533 billion by fiscal year 2013, the end of the first term.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, please listen to me, I do not care what your politics are… you have to give it to our President he is trying!! He is making his best efforts to move our country out of what the last eight years have done to our country.

Those of you that have not given the President a chance, those of you that sit on the sidelines eating your peanuts from the gallery you are sitting it. Why don’t you shut-it and give the man a chance. Remember one of the components of his recovery plan is for Americans to help each other…

WOW a contingency plan for possible natural disasters. Wait what is that! Planning? from the White House? Wow I haven’t heard of a strategy coming out of the White House (WH) in the last eight years till NOW! Isn’t it wonderful what adult leadership can do!