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Dirty Looks

I was thinking about this and it hit me! You have a blog now, write about it silly.  Its about change!

I am retired military and work on base as a government employee (a hard working one  🙂  anyway I go to the gym everyday at lunch and I noticed that for the last few years all the TVs in the gym (4 of them) were ALWAYS turned to the FOX news channel. I HATE FOX NEWS! so I would change one of the sets to CNN or MSNBC. I would actually get these dirty looks, like how dare u! how unpatriotic of you! how could you!

LOL I got over it and when I could change the channel I did, what does that say about our country! I am so glad SOMETHING has changed.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Tell me about it, I would like to know.


2 Responses

  1. Televisions in waiting rooms annoy me. Waiting rooms should be quiet, peaceful, relaxing opportunities to read. Instead you’re bombarded with high-volume programming of someone else’s choice, often with a little sign saying hands off the TV. I don’t do this, but I always think it: why not reach up and pull the plug? Of if you’re too timid, why not just bring in your remote from home, reach into your pocket, and discretely press the mute button?

  2. Lol u are correct 🙂 but unfortunately I was in a gym. Maybe I will try the discreet remote control idea! Thanks

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