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Our Troops, Our Heros

Since I now have a blog I figure I would write about something I truly enjoy. I really don’t care about your politics, how u feel about Iraq and Afghanistan or how you felt about Bush. I just wanted to tell you about the pride I feel every time I provide training to our troops deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan.

This time it was Explosive Ordinance Disposal Mobile Unit Six  EODMU-6. I will not talk about where they are going or what I provided them, suffice it to say that any American would be proud of the professionalism and courage these young men and women display. It was fun being around them, it made me wish I was back in the military, well it just makes me feel proud.

So no matter your politics, no matter your views on Iraq or Afghanistan or the War on Terror, just know that we have some fantastic men and women doing the job for us. You can be proud of them, believe me I know, I’ve seen it, if you see one of our troops at the airport, at the store, or at the mall, say hi and shake their hand.


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