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Give Him A Chance! OMG!

Come on people Christ almighty! Can we wait maybe a few months! I cannot believe all of the negativity about the Obama administration. He’s been President for less that 3 weeks. I have never seen such a move to try to discredit a president and of course its coming from those that lost. Well that should be about right. But we must remember Bush never got ANYTHING right and that was for 8 YEARS!

Put aside the animosity, the BLUE and RED STATE crap for just a few months and see what happens. We have a lot of Americans that are in trouble, out of a job. Lets focus on them. Let the stimulus plan go into affect, give it a chance. REMEMBER the Republicans had 8 years and NOW they have a PLAN a little to late. So all of us, lets give the man in office a chance.


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