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Negotiators reach deal on Stimulus Bill!

God Bless Our Great Country!

God Bless Our Great Country!

From Associated Press:

WASHINGTON – Moving with lightning speed, key members of the Senate announced agreement Wednesday on a $790 billion stimulus bill to create millions of jobs, and said President Barack Obama could sign the bill within days.

Ok now its done. Lets us by all means see what happens but the most important thing is to give the stimulus time! People desperately need work, states need money, schools need help. If we are adults about this, we know the process is not going to happen over night no matter what the Republican (Conservatives) say, this is going to take time. Of course what will be overlooked in all this is the amazing job President Obama did in getting this bill through the House and Senate in RECORD TIME!

How long do you think it will take before the RIGHT, FOX News and the Republican Leader Rush Limbaugh say the stimulus is not working? I give them one week! What do you think?


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