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Intelligence czar: Economy is top threat to U.S.

WASHINGTON – The economic crisis has trumped bullets and bombs in the intelligence agencies’ latest assessment of threats to the United States.

That shift is a reflection of the depth of the unfolding recession, but also of the progress made in the war against terrorists and the Obama administration’s more expansive definition of national security.

Sounding more like an economist than the war-fighting Navy commander he once was, National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair told a Senate panel Thursday that if the crisis lasts more than two years, it could cause some nations’ governments to collapse.

WOW now this is truly an interesting assessment and statement! When will we finally pull our heads out of our butts cut the RED vs BLUE, LEFT vs RIGHT crap and start working on fixing our economy. President Obama and his administration have worked hard to give us a start, now the rest of the government needs to back him.

Our people are in need, we are hurting as a country, we need to help each other…

What do you think?


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