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What is Mike Huckabee Talking About?

Copied from SWAMPLAND

Mike Huckabee says the stimulus bill is “anti-religion.” The Christian Coalition calls it “an attack on people of faith.” The Traditional Values declares that the economic package “stimulates anti-Christian bigotry.” My goodness. Maybe the devil really is in the details.

Or…maybe this is a classic case of social conservatives ginning up yet another false charge of anti-Christian bigotry in order to avoid coming up with a legitimate reason to oppose the stimulus bill. Let’s look at what we’re really talking about here.

The provision that has the Huckabee gang all atwitter would prevent the use of federal construction funds for college facilities used primarily for religious purposes. In other words, you can’t take federal money and use it to build a chapel on your campus.

Once again another example of the right showing examples of the incredable shrinking brain syndrome! They are so use to having things their own way that they cannot except that the world does not revolve around them! Now the deal is to say anything they can that will discredit the Stimulus Bill no matter what. Will they care that the American people are the ones that need the help not their petty ideas? I doubt it.


One Response

  1. Yup, I got a chuckle out of this one too.

    I guess the Constitution is anti-religious, better get rid of it…

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