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Congress trumps Obama, cuffs CEO bonuses!

Stimulus restricts compensation, erases massive Wall Street pay packages
By Tomoeh Murakami Tse
Washington Post.com
WASHINGTON – The stimulus package Congress passed last night imposes new limits on executive compensation that could significantly curb multimillion dollar pay packages on Wall Street and goes much further than restrictions proposed by the Obama administration last week.
Outstanding! I was getting a little worried about Reid and Palosi, slowly they are starting to do the right thing. Forgoing their raises, passing the stimulus bill and now adding even more and tougher limits on the companies that take our money in the bailouts!

I could not believe (but should have know) the arrogance of these people! Believing that the people giving them money should be done to save them but they should not have to worry about accountability. Its going to be interesting to here what the Republicans will have to say about this specific portion of the bill. We all know they are going to try to slam the Package at every occasion, even though they did absolutely nothing to help our country while they were in charge. Oh well, lets see what happens.


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  1. I think they make enough money. Anyway, in this economy where are they going to go?

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