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3,000 troops near Kabul mark start of surge …

From Associated Press:

LOGAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Close to 3,000 American soldiers who recently arrived in Afghanistan to secure two violent provinces near Kabul have begun operations in the field and already are seeing combat, the unit’s spokesman said Monday.

The new troops are the first wave of an expected surge of reinforcements this year. The process began to take shape under President George Bush but has been given impetus by President Barack Obama’s call for an increased focus on Afghanistan.

U.S. commanders have been contemplating sending up to 30,000 more soldiers to bolster the 33,000 already here, but the new administration is expected to initially approve only a portion of that amount. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday the president would decide soon.

The reason I wanted to put this post in my blog is that if you do not know by now, I train our troops going to Iraq and Afghanistan. I will not say in what, but suffice it to say I see the faces of the men and women deploying, I talk to them before they leave. What I wanted to tell all my blogging friends is that NO MATTER YOUR POLITICS, Republican or Democrat, you can be truly proud of the women and men in YOUR armed forces. No matter THEIR politics, they will do their job to the best of their ability. When I see them, it makes me wish I were not retired 🙂

No I wish our politicians would do the best they could…


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