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“Anatomy Of A Smear” — Bizarre Stimulus Attack

As the stimulus package wended its way through Congress this week, a familiar face popped up to get up to some familiar shenanigans. Betsy McCaughey, a Republican former Lieutenant Governor of New York, was suddenly on the Bloomberg website and on TV, issuing dire warnings about the changes that the stimulus package was going to wreak on health care. How? McCaughey claimed that the plan contained health technology language that let the federal government could “monitor” patient care in order to “guide your doctor’s decisions.” In short, a top-down bureaucracy that would enforce its own set of medical treatment protocols.

Naturally, that would be bad, and naturally, not a word of it was true. That didn’t stop the contention from flowing from the Rush/Drudge edges onto cable news, most notably Lou Dobbs’ CNN show. Happily, however, the media seems to be gathering to put McCaughey’s nonsense back on the dungheap.

God people, when is this kinda CRAP going to end? FOX IS WORSE THAN THE TALIBAN! FOX wants the U.S. government to fail as much as the TALIBAN hates us. This is made up, verifiable lies that were spread by this news agency in order to scare people…but we cannot only blame FOX because Lou Dobbs does not seem to check his sources… Will our country every heal? Will this continue to be the way of politics for the foreseeable future? I guess unfortunately the answer is yes.


4 Responses

  1. Not to mention, that even if it were true, the only thing that would change would be the name of that organization that “could ‘monitor’ patient care in order to ‘guide your doctor’s decisions.’” Which is another story so I’ll stop right here.

    Good work, FOX is counting on people not being wise enough to check everything they hear as well as counting on the nature of Americans to react swiftly with any news we disagree with (add the power of technology) and any leak may be “true” before a reporter has even had a chance to verify the sources (the damage done to Obama’s campaign by one email claiming that he was not a citizen, for example).

  2. Exactly Sidhe! why do they believe we are to stupid to think for ourselves! Unfortunately every thing you say is correct. Most of us see the news and believe the pundits! and the citizenship dust up is a great example, it has gotten to the point that even representatives of states feel they can bring up a law suit to the Supreme Court to challenge the Presidents citizenship.

    Thanks for the comment Sidhe, thoughtful as usual.

  3. There was a time, oh so long ago, that journalists actually checked things like facts and were in many ways worthy of our trust. That has been checked at the curb as TV pundits race to be the first to televise some steamy tidbit. The entire idea of Journalism as a business has lead to the need to get the story out faster than the next guy and that has inevitably led to a looser interpretation of the facts. Mind you, I’m not condoning this, but as a someone with a degree in Journalism, I know a little pertinent history. There are very few real journalists on TV any more and seemingly even fewer in print. Add to that the rampant partisan politics in this country that rules even our media and you have a recipe for a nightmare. There once was a time when American media was respected around the world as a beacon of free press. That ideal died the first time a major corporation bought a news outlet. Our news is slanted in many ways and by many varying influences and almost no one realizes it.

  4. Its to bad that the New Desk now in most (all) news agencies is now part of the entertainment division. Looking for the exciting ratings grabbing part of any new worthy event is now a business necessity. Like you said Stacy, add to that the partisan BLUE vs RED state, Liberal vs Conservation, crap in our great country today, well it makes me feel so discouraged. Our people need help. After the last 8 years, we need to heal this country.

    Stacy thank you so much for your post and come back anytime 🙂

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