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Poll shows rising public stress about economy…

From Associated Press

More worried about losing jobs, having enough money to pay the bills:

Fears are mounting about losing a job, not having enough money to pay the bills and evaporating retirement accounts, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll released Wednesday. Nearly half of those surveyed said they worry about becoming unemployed — almost double last year’s number.

Lets  all remember the bulk of these problems have started over the last eight years. President Obama has spent the very first month of his nacent administration working on fixing the terrible problems that were created over the last eight years. What have the Republicans said or done! First the Republican leader Rush Limbaugh laid the framework of their strategy by saying right off the bat that he hoped President Obama would fail! Now the Republican Senate and House say no to every idea and program the President brings to the table to help the American people. (But it is funny how the Republican Governors support the President). Not only has the new President provided a plan to support the American people he has also made a decision on sending troops to Afghanistan. ALL OF THIS IN ONE MONTH! Think back to the last administration, think about what they did in eight years! God bless and preserve our great country!


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