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The Price we’ve paid for Gore/Bush Stolen Election Debacle…

FROM A FRIENDS BLOG: My Mental Dumping Ground and blogger (ljs1971) thank you.


The two most striking revelations (at least to me) were that (1) Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson seems to have let Lehman Brothers go belly-up after saving Bear Stearns because he personally had it in for Lehman’s CEO from way back. And (2) the President of the United States was utterly uninvolved in the worst economic crisis since 1929. His name was never (or barely) mentioned. Every decision was made by Paulson, Ben Bernanke, and later, Congress.

No Bush.

I’m no Herbert Hoover fan. But he was involved in the 1929 disaster every step of the way. His decisions may have been wrong (some of them were right) but he made the decisions along with his Secretary of the Treasury.

Not Bush. Just as in the pre-9/11 period, he was the man who wasn’t there. Can you imagine that being the case with President Obama (or any other President since, maybe, Buchanan)?

My bottom line. Had the election of 2000 not been stolen (1) there would have been no 9/11 because President Gore (like President Clinton) paid attention at the morning briefings and asked hard questions like, what’s Bin Laden up to and (2) we might have ameliorated, if not prevented, the worst economic crash of the last 75 years.

Amazing. What a price we paid for Bush v. Gore. Thanks Sandy O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy. We owe you big time. Oh, yeah, I forgot Iraq and Afghanistan and our 4500 dead. Unbelievable.

WOW! I’ve never really thought about our sad state of affairs in this way. I’ve been so upset at what has happened to our great country over the last eight years, I’ve never really though about the price we have paid for the 2000 stolen election. Its to bad we can now only say what if!


2 Responses

  1. What’s even worse is Americans let it happen again! The evidene for the stealing of the 2004 election is just as strong, but it’s statistical. It’s a 1 in 250,000 chance that so many of the vote count/exit poll anomalies should all fall in Bush’s favor to the extent that they did all at once without manipulation. But the only thing most Americans know about statistics is that you have to know something about them to be able to tell valid ones from invalid ones so they don’t believe any of them. Aiding this is the American disdain for intellectuals which has the effect that even when experts on statistics tell them these are vaild, they won’t believe them as long as there’s one expert somewhere who will put ideology above principles and insist they aren’t.

  2. I know DJ and that pains me even more! Image 8 years of pure pain that should have never have happened! now we are living with it!

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