Brushfires Of Freedom Spreading….

There are BRUSHFIRES OF FREEDOM spreading throughout our great country as we come back from the pit of darkness, and the edge of destruction our country has been in, in the last eight years! Brushfires of Freedom include taking back the Constitution of the U.S., going after those that are responsible for 9/11, trying to bring our country out of the financial mess we have been saddled with for the last eight years, trying to bring our country our of the housing mess and inaction of the last administration, the Dubai Port Deal, WMD,  and much, much more.

People are no longer afraid to speak out against Bush, Chaney, the Patriot Act, Rove, Rice, Rumsfeld and on, and on. Being called unpatriotic simply because you were against Bush and his cronies. BRUSHFIRES of FREEDOM are spreading in our country and will change the face of America for the BETTER. Maybe we can even change the ALERT LEVEL from ORANGE back to GREEN lol. This was never contemplated by the Bush administration because it kept us scared…

There are Americans that are trying to keep the hurtful, despicable and vindictive policies of the last administration going, hoping to keep American, Americans, us divided. They follow their leader Rush Limbaugh and say things like I hope he fails! Can you imagine if anyone would have said that out loud with Bush in charge! they would be in jail. There are Americans right now that want America to FAIL so that they can come back and claim a hallow victory, even if it means the further destruction of our Great Country, they will do absolutely anything they can to achieve their victory.

I truly hope all Americans can see past their lies and deceit. We need to come together as a nation!


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