Congressional Budget Increased To Pay GOP Staffers


More than 2,000 employers laid off more than 50 workers each in January, the Labor Department reported Wednesday.

One workplace, however, wasn’t on the list: the U.S. Congress.

A ten percent increase in the budget for Congressional operations was needed because Senate Republicans wanted to retain previous staff levels despite having lost roughly 20 percent of their ranks in the 2008 elections.

Congressional Republicans have been pouncing on any instance of wasteful spending they can find, but the congressional-operations line item will likely remain safe from their ire why, because as usual what is good for the country is not good enough for them!

“This would be funny if it wasn’t from someone associated with the the so-called party of fiscal responsibility,” wrote the aide. “This is the height of hypocrisy and utterly fails to acknowledge the fact that in the past, when the spread has been like it is now, the minority party gets far less money than what they eventually got. It was an unprecedented deal that is more outrageous when you realize that they will end up voting against the bill.”

Ah the utter lack of caring, responsibility, leadership still permiates the Republican party and will always will for that matter. Um Um UM


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