Obama reaches outside the White House bubble…

Each morning when he arrives at the Oval Office, President Obama asks his staff to deliver him a package containing 10 letters. It is a mere sampling of the 40,000 or so that Americans send to the White House every day — a barrage of advice from students and teachers, small-business owners and the unemployed. In between his daily meetings with senior staff members and Cabinet secretaries, Obama has made a habit of sitting alone behind his desk and reading one letter at a time, friends and advisers said. The exercise is intended to help keep him grounded, but it also provides Obama with a glimpse beyond the White House walls and the Secret Service perimeter into what the president sometimes refers to as “the real world.”

Now I know there have been some not many other Presidents that have done this, but this is the first time in more than 10 years it has been done. Just one more small example of when no matter your politics, we must try to stop being so negative! we much give the man a chance, at least one year! come on people all of the situations he must face, that were not caused by him and the other side won’t even give him a month! We must give him some time…  🙂


2 Responses

  1. This story also verifies what many like myself thought when we voted for him—that is a unique leader who understands beyond his years what leadership requires of a President today, and then acts to insure that he is not too insulated.

    Again, I too feel he needs support and a lot of time to succeed, and Americans of all political stripes must give him some time to get his administration into place, which is just started in spite of the good people he has brought in already. And further that the many many problems we are facing today require not only good leadership, but some luck.

    And finally, we as voters need to realize that we too must change in the ways we discuss, argue, and debate about politics and government–another tall order, given our history as voters.

  2. Yes exactly Sue. He is a leader but can u imaging how tough its gonna be if he has a hole other side in the US that does not support him! He is our President. I know we have a two party system but does the other party have to act like spoiled brats that lost the game of marbles….

    Thanks for the post Sue, stop by any time 🙂

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