Meghan McCain on Coulter: ‘offensive’ and ‘insulting’

Wow Meghan McCain is an intelligent, mature, sensitive young woman for a Republican! You go Meghan GOOD ON YOU Girl!!

Meghan McCain gets off the topic of dating today on The Daily Beast, instead taking shots at Ann Coulter and her role in the Republican Party. The senator’s daughter calls Coulter “offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing all at the same time.”

I am not suggesting that extreme conservatism wasn’t once popular, nor am I suggesting I should in any way be any kind of voice for the party. I have been a Republican for less than a year. Still, even after losing the election, I find myself more drawn to GOP ideals and wanting to fight for the party’s resurgence. And if figureheads like Ann Coulter are turning me off, then they are definitely turning off other members of my generation as well. She does appeal to the most extreme members of the Republican Party — but they are dying off, becoming less and less relevant to the party structure as a whole


3 Responses

  1. Offensive is definitely a word I would remove from the english dictionary…it is way overused by the politically correct. Guess what? Theres a big world outside your window and not everybody is going to like you, and visa versa.

  2. Yes I agree with you finian. Its just surprising to hear someone like Meghan McCain say something like that. I guess I can have some hope in the younger Republican generation.

    Thanks for your comments Finian

  3. Megan is a bigger loser than Dadda who, although was very heroic, lost his marbles in the Viet Cong prison. Ask any Psychiatrist/Psychologist! McCain is a walking textbook of what happens when one is subjected to physical and mental torture daily for years on end. You think that the mind and the soul remain unscarred? He may have been a Presidential Candidate, but he acted more like the “Manchurian Candidate.” Even his pick for Veep was his pathetic attempt to wreck the GOP chances. He took “Focus Group” reports and picked a woman; an NRA member; a hunter; 5 children; beautiful; a husband who has a real job from a place no one ever heard about. Everyone of those traits are anathema to Liberals and many Independents. Take “beautiful”. It’s a standing requirement that any female who enters politics MUST look like Eleanor Roosevelt; Bel Abzug; Shirley Chisholm; Mamie Eisenhower; Bess Truman; Maxine Waters, et al. Take Alaska, McCain knew that only 36% of High School; Seniors could name which was the 50th State.

    Take her husband, who works at a “real” job not like-Slick Willie Clinton; 99% of the Senators; Joe Biden; 110% of the Representatives; Obama, and is not a Tax Cheat like Rangel, Geithner, Daschle.

    Except that McCain must have used the same vetting team used by Obama; they screwed up. What they got was someone who kept them close. Sans Sara, the vote would have been Obama-99%; McCain-0%j. The 1% difference is explained by the fact that everyone who voted for McCain had his/her ballot disqualified–they all spelled their name wrong.

    Meghan must be adopted and her biological father must be Arlen The Whiner” Specter; or is is Sphincter?

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