Back To Pensacola

Well my trip to Norfolk is done and once again I get back on a plane and head home. My report to you is that the women and men of OUR military are doing good and ready to do what they need to do for the country. I’ve spent several days conducting training with a fantastic group of Americans. When I finished, I wished them luck, said God Bless and take care of yourselves and your troops. In my heart, when I said that, I said it not just for me but for the rest of you also.


Sorry for the late post…

Traveling today from Pensacola to good old Norfolk VA. Spent the usual amount of time at HotLanta. I am here providing training to some of troops. Will fly back on Saturday. To bad I’m gonna miss the Pensacola Mardi Gras, we usuallu have a great time. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I made a post. Stop by and visit….

Uvalde Texas!

It’s been many many years since I’ve been back to my hometown of Uvalde Texas. A sleepy little town but essentially a good town. South of San Antonio down highway 90. I remember highway 90 well. Traveling out of San Antonio going south you hit Castroville, then D’Hanis, Hondo and get into Uvalde, then go on to Brackettville (another town I miss), then you will hit Del Rio.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Uvalde and maybe see if anyone out there has heard of it or maybe just maybe someone from Uvalde just might check into my blog lol. Log in let me know.

Continental Connection Flight 3407

I wish to express my truly heartfelt condolences to the family’s of the passengers and crew of Flight 3407. I travel quite often and I cannot imagine what the families are going through. My families thoughts and prayers are with you.

America’s Best and Worst Airports 2008

Worst Airports

By Jeff Bailey, Travel+Leisure

DO You Agree! Tell me what you think!

#10 (tie) Chicago Midway (MDW)

Flights delayed: 25%

An improved Midway cut 3% of its delays over last year. A similar jump next year and it may disappear from this list.

#10 (tie) Atlanta (ATL)

Flights delayed: 25%

Atlanta also improved its performance, jumping 5 percentage points from 2007.

#8 (tie) New York John F. Kennedy (JFK)

Flights delayed: 26%

The list’s biggest success story! JFK was tied for worst airport in 2007, but this year improved by a full 9%.

#8 (tie) San Francisco (SFO)

Flights delayed: 26%

SFO is one of the newcomers this year—let’s hope it was an anomaly.

#6 Washington Dulles (IAD)

Flights delayed: 27%

Dulles is another newcomer to the list in 2008.

#5 New York LaGuardia (LGA)

Flights delayed: 28%

LaGuardia improved its delays by 1 percentage point, but they still ranked in the worst 5, (down from #8 in 2007).

#4 Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW)

Flights delayed: 30%

Dallas had only a slight increase in delays this year, but that 1 percentage point bumped them into the top 5.

#3 Miami (MIA)

Percentage of flights delayed: 31%

What happened?! The drop from 28% in 2007 meant the airport’s ranking jumped to the top 3—not a good place to be.

#2 Newark (EWR)

Flights delayed: 33%

Newark Airport was #3 last year, but even though there was a decrease in delays, it inched closer to the top spot.

#1 Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

Flights delayed: 35%

O’Hare won the dubious distinction of worst airport for delays in 2007, and things aren’t any better—even the percentage of delays has remained the same.

I think I agree with O’hare as being the worst airport in the US. But I definately don’t agree that ATLANTA should be in the top 10! Atlanta for being such a large airport is very easy to get around in. Basically its just a straight line with intersections in it that can easily be reached by tram. Delays we ok, but they are located in the heat of the south so in summer time, storms come up all the time. But all in all ATLANTA is a pretty decent airport.