Cowboys Split over what to do with T.O.

Owens forces Cowboys into internal struggle over WR’s future in Dallas

The great debate in Dallas in these earliest days of the NFL offseason surrounds Terrell Owens‘ fate, and to some degree, I’m learning that reality depends on who you talk to.

One side holds that owner Jerry Jones now knows what he must do, and for the good of the team’s badly damaged locker-room chemistry, he will bite the bullet and acknowledge T.O. and his high-maintenance ways are the epicenter of the problem, making him an ex-Cowboy before a $3.1 million roster bonus is due in early June.

Call it the less-is-more approach to fixing what obviously ails the outfit formerly known as America’s Team.

“You can’t discredit the guy’s numbers,” one Cowboys source told me this week. “He makes plays. But the game is about much more than just numbers, and the game is much more than just one person. The headaches you have to put up with catering to someone aren’t worth it.”

Man o man, as you probably know by now, I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan! and have been for many many years! Don’t get rid of Terrell! Sure he is HIGH MAINTENANCE but as one of the Cowboys said “You can’t discredit his numbers.” I am also getting tired of tell my Redskin loving friends that this is a re-building season for my Cowboys lol!

Well what do you think, should T.O. go or stay! let me know.

Thanks – Smokeybones


A.C. Reed Golf Course

Ahhh just had a great day of golf. 63 degrees in beautiful Pensacola, I was spending some quality time with my sons and I had a 93 which is great for me, one of my best days lol. I am getting better, I figure with another year of practice I might actually get somewhere 🙂

Terrell Owens & the Dallas Cowboys

Alright I just had to do this! Add a sports section to my blog. I love fishing, Golf and the Dallas Cowboys! Say What! Yes before you say anything, I’ve been a Cowboy fan since I was knee high to a cricket! One of my favorite sayings when they SUCK for a season is that it’s a rebuilding year!

This is from a recent NFL post.

Excuses, excuses. … There is speculation that Terrell Owens may be on his way out of Big D. I personally don’t believe that. I have always felt there was a conspiracy to blame T.O. as the source of the Cowboys’ woes.

For the record, let me state that T.O. is a different kind of cat. And like every great receiver I know, including Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss, just to name a few, T.O. is an unhappy camper if he’s not getting the rock.

My sons and I discuss this often. T.O. is not the problem with my beloved team! Two things, the Coach and the QB!

Wade Phillips better get his act together, what do I mean by that? This team needs a coach that shows emotion, that can command respect! get in the face of the players! something to motivate them to a higher level!

Tony Romo MUST play to his abilities FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON!

What do you guys think!

Fishing, living in Pensacola Florida a few miles from the Gulf Coast gives me the opportunity to go ocean fishing in some of the best sites around. Red Fish and Spotted Trout are the norm, excellent fish to catch and even better to eat!

Golfing! ahhhh golfing I new to the game but have developed an affinity for it. I mean what other sport can a tiny little white ball kick the crap out of you! Right now my best game is a 95 I average about 101.