I will be adding information about my travels. I travel 2 to 3 times a month, usually within the U.S. and love to watch people at airports and on planes. I especially love to watch people with those (too big bags) try to stuff them into the overhead bin! I often wonder what they are think as they jam, push and pound the back into the poor little bin!

I will sit at an airport and watch people pass by, what is the deal with young women wearing clothes that are WAY to tight for them! Kinda like the MUFFIN TOP look lol. Sorry I digress

My favorite hotel chain is any Marriott affiliated hotel and my favorite airline is Delta.

Drop me a line, I would to hear about your travel experiences…


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  1. It is very interesting and time passes by quickly observing fellow travelers at airports. I also encourage you to do a search on my blog for Saudi airlines as I shared perspectives on the distinctions of cultural traditions when traveling within the Kingdom as compared to outside of it. While of course security procedures are in practice there are still distinctions between what is allowed on Saudi as when traveling within the US in addition to the manner in which security practices are instituted…even at Saudi airports, segregation still applies when going through security.

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